Kusadasi - Turkey


Kusadasi Overview
Kuşadası, a town in the province of Aydın, is a major tourist resort with its sea, sun and nature. Although it was once a small fishing town, it has developed into an important tourist resort which attracts a number of foreign and domestic visitors every year because of the historical heritage site, Ephesus, near the town and the ease of transportation.

In the center, is a caravansary built by the Grand Vizier Oküz Mehmet Pasha in the 17th century and converted into a hotel. The tiny Dove Island, off the coast bearing the same name as the town, is connected to the mainland by a causeway. The remains of a castle on the island can be visited.

Kuşadası is the closest center to the Dilek Peninsula, which is a National Park. It is worth a visit to swim and take a leisurely walk along a serene beach Kalamaki.

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