Ankara - Anitkabir / Turkey

Anitkabir (The Mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk)

Anitkabir (The Mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) Overview
The Mausoleum, built on Rasattepe Hill in the center, is a complex consisting of the funeral monument and the buildings around it. Atatürk, who stated in one of his speeches “My insignificant body will finally be earth; the Republic of Turkey, on the other hand, will be everlasting.”, and completed his speech saying “My people can bury my body wherever they want as long as they do not forget me”, didn’t have a grave built for himself before he died.

It is not only a mausoleum but also a complex with the funeral monument, towers, courtyard, statues and reliefs, Way of Lions and the museum, all of which were built in the synthesis of styles recalling the architecture of Anatolian civilizations.

The square which is used for ceremonies and a set of wide steps lead to the mausoleum. On both sides of the set of steps are ten-meter-high towers. Three groups of statues in front of the tower depict the grief at the loss of Atatürk. Between the towers is the entrance to the 250-meter-long Way of Lions where 24 Hittite lions are located. It leads to the Square of Victory and the mausoleum to the left. On special days, ceremonies are held and people pay their respects to Atatürk here.