Hacibektas - Capadocia / Turkey


It is an ancient city founded near a settlement known as Sulucakara Höyük in the period of the Turks. It was named after the famous man of religion, Haci Bektaş, who came here in the 13th century. The doctrine of the well-known mystic, who came to Anatolia over Middle Asia, spread over Anatolia as the Bektaşi Order.

The major monuments in Hacıbektaş are the Haci Bektaş Convent (museum), city museum, the trail convent and the Houses of the Bektaşis and Kadıncık (Little women). The convent, consisting of a mosque, semahane (a hall for the sema or whirling ceremony), an imaret, fountains, tombs, cemeteries and a guest-house, became a complex in Ottoman period. The Fathers of the Bektaşis lived here for 400 years, until 1924. The convent, converted into a museum in 1964, is still a special place to visit.