Agri - Ishakpasa / Turkey

Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace – Kars Overview
The palace, a complex located against the foothills of Mt Ararat, was built like an eagle nest on a site overlooking a high valley on the easternmost point of the region.

The palace, at an elevation of 2080 m in the deserted town of Doğubeyazıt, is now a museum.

The impregnable palace was built by a weakly family, the Çıldıroğulları, between 1680 and 1784, as is stated in its inscription. The palace, construction of which lasted approximately a hundred years, is under the impressions of the Western and Seljuk architectural styles besides the local style.

The palace is composed of two courtyards and the harem. The buildings are located around the courtyards which are joined by portals. The rumour has it that the gold gates were smuggled out by the Russians.

In the first courtyard are the wards, watchmen’s rooms, stable, dungeon and the fountain. In the second courtyard are the mosque, the Tomb of Çolak Hamdi Pasha, the Salutation Room and the chambers of servants. The harem consisting of halls, rooms, baths and a kitchen, as was the Forbidden Place into which only the princes were allowed. There is a good water system in the palace.