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Originally built in the 14th Century as a part of the fortifications walls of Constantinople, the Galata Tower is an especially popular lookout point for tourists today. A staircase takes you up to the 61 meter high observation deck, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Istanbul. The cafe on the upper floors is a great place to take a break. In the evening you can dine in the luxurious restaurant, not only serving delicious food but also belly dancing shows and folklore.

The Galata Tower, was constructed by the Genoese as a lookout for enemy approachment in 1349 and is located at the highest point of Galata area of Istanbul. The tower, being repaired after the conquest of İstanbul, was initially used for observation and then as a fire lookout tower for almost 1,000 years, and including many reconstructions due to fire, earthquake, and other disasters. Open to tourism via elevator, the Galata Tower has a café and a restaurant inside and provides a wonderful view of İstanbul from its wrap-around balcony. Be sure to visit on a clear day, when the view of the city will be more clear.

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