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Little hagia sophia - Istanbul
Little hagia sophia - Istanbul

Little Hagia Sophia Quick Guide

Little Hagia Sophia (Küçük Ayasofya) – Istanbul

This building is one of a small number of surviving Byzantine churches in Istanbul and is named after the saints Sergius – patron-saint of the Roman army -and Bacchus – the Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine. It was build five years before the Haghia Sophia by emperor Justiniaunus I as a tribute to the saints who had prevented him to be killed by his predecessor. However it is not just a small version of its bigger sister, as its dome is different. The church was converted to a mosque in the early 16th century by HüseyinAğa, thechief of the Black Eunuchs. Although in the course of history it was repeatedly damaged by refugees, earthquakes and other historic events, it was restored in 2006 and now is again open for the public and for worship.
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