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Ozbekler Tekkesi - Istanbul - Turkey
Ozbekler Tekkesi - Istanbul - Turkey

Özbekler Tekkesi Quick Guide

Özbekler Tekkesi – Istanbul

This small tekke was built in 1692. A tekke is a place where dervishes from a Sufi brotherhood come together. Dervishes are people who follow the Sufi path: an ascetic, mystical and esoteric Muslim belief. The whirling dervishes are only of the Mevlevi Order in Turkey. The name Mevlevi comes from the famous Sufi poet Rumi or Mevlana whose shrine can be found in Konya. Rumi introduced the practice of whirling in order to reach religious ecstasy in a religious ceremony called the Sema. All orders and tekkes in Turkey were banned in 1925 but in the 1950’s the Turkish government allowed dervishes to perform once a year in Konya. Nowadays this Tekke is only used as a centre for crafts and design trainings.
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