Aspendeo - Antalya / Turkey


Aspendos Overview
Aspendos can be reached via a 5 -kilometer road which branches off west at the 49th km of the Antalya – Alanya highway. According to the famous geographer Strabo, it was founded by refugees after the Trojan War. It witnessed the invasions and civilizations of the Persians, Hellens, Romans, Arabs and the Seljuks. Most of the monuments surviving to the present time were from the Roman era when the city enjoyed its golden age.

The ruins, by the Köprü Çay (Bridge Brook) are on the top and at the foot of a hill at an altitude of 40 m. The most impressive structure at Aspendos, the theatre, was built by a famous architect in the second century and dedicated to the emperor and gods. The theatre, with a capacity of 20.000, is the best preserved one in Turkey. Used as a Seljuk pavilion for some time, it hosts the annual Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival and Golden Orange Film Festival.

Another impressive monument at Aspendos is the Roman aqueduct, which was used to carry water as far as Aspendos. Today, only the remnants of it can be seen.