Perge - Antalya / Turkey


Perge Overview
The ancient city of Perge, near the town of Aksu on the 12th km of the Antalya – Alanya highway, was founded, as it is stated in an inscription, by the Cretans after the Trojan war. The city walls are from the Hellenistic era. The city developed especially in the period of the Romans, Thus the theatre, stadium, streets, walls and gates, agora and the monumental fountain belong to that period. The front of the stage in the theatre is in ruins. The Priestess Plancia Magna contributed a lot to the foundation of the city. The finds from Perge are displayed in the Antalya museum. The major structures at Perge are the main entrance gate, the stadium (234 x Theatre 26.5 m) and the nymphaion (monumental fountain) at the end of the main street having a drainage system. The stadium, ranking the second after Aphrodisian, is one of the best preserved of the ancient world. The city was a metropolitan center in Byzantine time.