Temple of Apollo - Didyma / Turkey


Didyma Overview
Didyma, in Yenihisar, Söke, was the cult of Miletus. There was a 18-kilometer-road between Didyma and Miletus. The oracle in the Temple of Apollo at Didyma was one of the sacred places in Anatolia. The monumental temple, dedicated to Apollo, was among the greatest temples in Anatolia. The construction of the temple took long years, but it was destroyed by earthquakes before it was completed. It is impressive with three Ionian columns, (50xI09m) standing 17.5 m, the stairs, the stone walls, inscribed with the Head of Medusa and the figures of animals and men. The Head of mythological Medusa, who makes a person to whom she directs her eyes blind, is identified with the temple.

The theatre, the agora, roads, temples and baths are the foremost monuments at Didyma.