Priene - Aydin / Turkey

Priene (Aydin)

Priene (Aydin) Overview
The ancient Lonian port, in the village of Güllübahçe, 12 km north-west of Söke, has traces of different cultures. The golden age of the city was in Hellenistic and Roman periods. It became a bishopric in Byzantine period; but it was landlocked due to the silt of the Büyük Menderes (the Maeander) and abandoned. The ancient city is now 9 km inland.

The plan of the city was devised by the famous city planner Hippodamus. This is a geometric grid on the lots of which houses and large buildings were constructed. A theatre, Council Chamber, temples, city walls, aqueducts, a Gymnasium, a fortress and a church have been uncovered at Priene.