Sivas - Turkey


Sivas Overview
It is a historic city in the east of the region. It is known that its history goes back to the Hittites. After the successive domination of the Romans, Byzantines, and Anatolian Seljuk Turkmen, it became an Ottoman city upon its capture by Yıldırım Bayezid in 1398. Although the city was destroyed during the invasions under Tamerlane’s command, the structures from these periods can still be seen in the city.

The major monuments worth seeing are the examples of Seljuk architecture; such as, the Grand mosque and the Gök, Buruciye and Çifte (Twin) Madrasas.

Sivas has an important place in the history of the Republic of Turkey because it was here that the historic Sivas Congress was held before the War of Liberation. The congress, where the most important decisions in the history of Turkey were made, was held in present-day Sivas Secondary School on 4.9.1919. The rooms where the congress was held and Atatürk stayed for 3.5 months, were converted into a museum in 1928.

Sivas, on an international road going from west to east, has an e-conomy mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandry. After the es -tablishment of Cumhuriyet University, it started to develop as a cultural city.

Sivas Destinations