Kars - Ani / Turkey


Kars Overview
The city, bearing the oldest Turkish name, is located on a site on the natural route of access between Anatolia and Caucasus, Iran, and the central Asia, the local culture has been blended with the surrounding cultures. Unfortunately, there are very few surviving historic works in Kars, which has been subjected to many invasions and changed hands many times.

It is one of the foremost center for milk and milk products production owing to its climate and geographical condition: The city planning is of interest.

The fortress, dominating the city, is assumed to have been built or repaired in the Turkish period; and there are some historic monuments around it. The fortress, destroyed and rebuilt several times because of invasions, was subjected to Russian attacks four in the 19th century. The Süleymaniye Mosque, Taşköprü (Stone Bridge), the Kümbet Mosque, Namık Kemal’s House, churches and some structures dating from the Russian period are worth seeing. The major cultural site around the city is the ruins of Ani.

Kars Destinations