Miniaturk - Istanbul


Miniaturk Overview
Open since 2003, Miniatürk covers 60,000 square meters and is the world’s largest miniature park. The open air museum is comprised of 120 models done in 1 /25th scale, spanning 3,000 years of history from antiquity to present day. Fifty-seven of the structures are based on locations in Istanbul, fifty-one on Anatolia, and twelve on former Ottoman territories.

The miniatures cover many cultures and civilizations and each include a brief audio guide. Models vary from the Hagia Sophia to Galata Tower, Sultanahmet to the Byzantine walls, and even the Bosphorus Bridge. Some of the models are recreations of structures that no longer exist, such as the Temple of Artemis and Flalicarnassus Mausoleum.

Miniatürk would be a good place to visit at the beginning of your trip or at the end. You’ll notice details on these miniature replicas that you might have missed at your actual visit. Without the hubbub normally surrounding these full sized attractions, you can really appreciate the architecture and adornments.

The park also features a helicopter simulator, a playground, a life size chess board, and go-karts. There are snack carts throughout the park and also a reasonably priced restaurant.