Yoros Castle

Yoros Castle (Turkish: Yoros Kalesi), also known as the Genoese Castle, is a ruined castle found at the junction of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. It has a long history and was first settled prior to the Byzantine period by the Phoenicians and Greeks for trading and military purposes.

The castle was occupied on and off throughout the Byzantine period. Over the centuries, the Byzantines, Genoese, and Ottomans fought over this ideally placed fortification. Soon after the conquest of Istanbul in 1453, Yoros Castle was conquered and used by the Ottomans until the late 18th century. It was well fortified, as was the Rumeli Kavağı on the opposite side of the Bosphorus. An enormous chain could be extended between the two fortresses, which was used to protect the city from attacking warships. Later, it ceased to be used as a fortress and gradually fell into ruins.

While there isn’t much left of the once mighty fortress, the real attraction is the absolutely stunning view. The confluence of the Bosphorus to the Black Sea is incredibly placid when compared to that of the Sea of Marmara. The only traffic are occasional freighters coming and going.

To visit Yoros Castle, you must first go to the fishing village of Anadolu Kavağı, which can be reached by the Şehir Hatları Full Bosphorus Tour or bus 15A. Upon arrival, signs will point you in the direction of the fortress. The somewhat strenuous walk up to the fortress is well worth it for the spectacular view.

There are several restaurants serving seafood, Turkish cuisine, drinks, and dessert next to the fortress.

Note: The interior of the castle is currently closed for archeological excavation, but visitors can still see the outside of the structure and explore the surrounding grounds.