Anamur - Mersin / Turkey


Anamur Overview
Anamur, a town in the province of İçel, is 223 km from İçel and 75 km from Alanya. It is divided into two parts as Old and New Anamur. New Anamur, 6 km inland, is located in the north of the plain bearing the same name. The Old Quarter, on the other hand, is a fortress city by the sea. Located on the southernmost tip of the Taşeli Peninsula, Anamur is the closest spot in Anatolia to Cyprus. It is a perfect holiday resort with its long natural beaches, historical ruins, and banana and orange orchards. Although the road along the coastline is very narrow and winding, it offers fascinating scenery of the coast and the mountains. Caretta-Caretta turtles come to lay their eggs along its coast. The country’s most delicious sweet smelling bananas grow in Anamur.

Anamur abounds in the ruins of many civilizations. The traces of ancient civilizations, the Byzantines, Turkomen states and the Ottomans are prominent. Anemurium (ancient city) and Mamure Castle are the major historic places in the town. Besides them, the city walls, theatre, bridge, a few churches, aqueducts and the graveyard are worth seeing. The ruins are diffused accioss a very large area.

Mamure Castle is the largest of all castles in Anatolia and the most impressive surviving structure in Old Anamur. The castle, which is magnificent with its towers, battlements and walls, was built by the Romans in the 3rd century B.C and restored and elaborated by the Byzantines, Crusaders, Anatolian Seljuks, Karamanoğulları and the Ottomans. There is a stone and brick mosque in the castle. 5 – meter-wide ditches surround the walls and the battlements.

The foremost cave open to visit is the Köşekbükü Cave, which is reputed to be beneficial to asthma.