Antakya - Turkey


Anyakya Overview
Antakya, a Hellenistic period city, is founded at the foot of Mt. Habibi Neccar. The castle, city walls, rock relief, aqueducts, archeological discoveries and mosaics are the traces of ancient time. The Museum ranks the second in the world with the mosaics. Harbiye (the Grove of Daphne), where most of the mosaics have been found, was the place where Roman waterside residences were built. Famous for its waterfalls, it is now a place for picnics and recreation.

St. Peter’s Church is the first rock church, tributed to St. Peter. The cave church is known as the place where St. Peter held the first early masses. It is assumed that it was a base from which St. Peter, one of the apostles of Christ, started spreading Christianity, Thus, the church, now a place of pilgrimage for the Christians, was the first church of the Christian world in history.