Dalyan - Muğla / Turkey


Dalyan Overview
Between Marmaris and Datça, is another touristic resort, Dalyan, which became famous for the giant turtles, Caretta-Caretta, in the 1980s. It is reached via a 12 -kilometer road to the shore or by a 4 -mile canal. It was founded as a fishing village by the Dalyan stream in the 19th century. The dalyans (sericulture farms) along the stream, originating from Lake Köyceğiz and pouring into the Mediterranean, have given the town its name. The land around Dalyan is quite swampy because of the silt of the stream accumulated in the lowland areas. There are a number of cultural and natural places worth a visit around Dalyan. Lake Köyceğiz Sultaniye and other hot springs, the ancient city of Caunos, canals, the Iztuzu beach and the inlets of Ekincik can be seen by boat tours.

The area is designated as a natural heritage site by the Board for the Protection of the Environment under the Ministry of Environment in 1989. It offers a perfect combination of history, the sun, blue and green.

The ruins of the ancient city of Caunos are by the Dalyan Stream across from the town of Dalyan, so it can be reached by boats. The acropolis and the castle, city walls, the theatre, a bath, a basilica, some roads and the rock tombs can be seen at Caunos, where the excavations are still being made.

The Dalyan (Calbis) Stream, running from Lake Köyceğiz to the Mediterranean Sea is 5 miles long. The spot where it pours into the sea is known as Iztuzu, a five -kilometer beach, which is one of the major places where Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs. Thus, some measures have been taken to protect the area. Iztuzu is also the sea gate to Caunos and present day Dalyan.

The best place to get the panaroma of Dalyan and environs is the transmission station in Gökbel Mountain, close to the shore.

Around the Dalyan stream and Lake Köyceğiz, are some springs. For example, Rıza Çavuş Spa is famous for its sulphur-laden water and mud, known as beauty mud.

The Dalyan Stream, the source of life in the area, is ideal for rafting which has been very popular recently.