Gocek - Turkey


Göcek Overview
Between Dalaman and Fethiye, is Göcek, 32 km. from Fethiye. Göcek is a favourite especially with yachtsmen because of its yachting harbour. Boat tours are made from Göcek, on the line where the sea and forest meet, to the inlets of Zümrüt and Göcek and Zeytinli, Yassıca, Tersane and Domuz islands, all of which are of exquisite beauty.

There are a lot of ruins from Lycian, Roman and Byzantine periods on the islands and in the inlets. The foremost one is the Bath of Cleopatra. Also, many sarcophagi can be seen here.

Göcek, as one of the favourite spots for cruises, it attracts thousands of foreign and Turkish visitors every year.