Gokova - Turkey


Gökova Overview
Gökova, between Bodrum and Marmaris, has environs abound in natural beauties. The forests and ancient cities, the islands and small inlets embrace each other in the Gulf of Gökova.

The cruises starting from Bodrum are made into Bardakçı bay, Karaada, Çökertme, Ören and Gökova as the final destination.

The Muğla-Gökova road, winding down Sakar Hill, offers a marvellous bird’s eye view which makes you impatient to reach the beauties downhill. Gökova itself is known as a sponge-fishing town. Regular day trips by boat are made from Gökova port into surrounding inlets and islands. The coastline is covered by forests and maquis. The old road from Gökova to Marmaris is just like a green tunnel because of very tall eucalyptus trees on both sides. A leisure walk along the road, which is a few kilometers long, is rewarding.

Boat trips include a visit to the City Islands, where the ancient city of Cedrai can be seen. The biggest island which is now called Sedir Island is of particular interest with the ruins and the sandy beach. The theatre, built in antiquity, and a few tombs are the outstanding among the other remnants. The island was under the hegemony of Rhodes in ancient times. Legend has it that Cleopatra and Antonius met on this island, so the island is also known as Cleopatra Island. The beach is attractive with its fine grained sand which is reputed to be beneficial to the ills of rheumatism by causing a kind of electrification.

Some of the major attractions included in the cruises into the Gulf of Gökova are Orak Island, Ören, Sedir Island, Söğüt, Löngöz, English Bay, the Seven Isles and Bördübet. Every corner of the Gulf of Gökova, which has more than sixty inlets, is a splendid beauty spot.