Silifke Overview
It has the richest Cilician remnants. The castle, theatre, temple, road with a water way, stadium and the bridge are the major ruins to see.

The Göksu Delta and the Bird Paradise, the Church of St. Thecla, Narlıkuyu, Uzuncaburç, Olba, Corycus, the Maiden’s Castle, Kanlidivane, Heaven and Hell, the Asthma Cave and Akkale are the natural and cultural sites around Silifke.

The Church of St. Thecla, very close to Silifke, is a holy place for the Christian world. St. Thecla, the church was tributed to her, was the first female saint and martyr. Narlıkuyu is of particular interest with the mosaic of Three Graces depicting Hera, Aphrodite and Artemis. Uzuncaburç, where the cult of Zeus dominates, Heaven’s an ancient settlement in the mountains.

There are the ruins of two castles 25 km. from Silifke. The one on the shore is the Corycus Castle, the other on an island is the Maiden’s Castle. Corycus, once a pirate city, was one of the busiest Mediterranean ports in the Roman period. The Maiden’s Castle, an important Christian settlement in the Byzantine period, is a small but well-preserved castle.