The Turquoise Coast – A Paradise on Earth

The Turquoise Coast A Paradise on Earth

Discover Turkey’s beautiful “Turquoise Coast”, from Fethiye to Antalya. This warm coastal region boasts unspoiled beaches and ancient relics that give this coast its name.

Most visitors to Turkey take a cruise along its coast for one or more days or weeks, delighting themselves with delicious Turkish treats while swimming in crystal-clear seas or discovering impressive ancient ruins.

1. The Beaches

As the Turquoise Coast, this stretch of land spans both the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, offering visitors an idyllic combination of coastal towns, beautiful beaches and incredible landscapes. Enjoy sailing a yacht along its waters or kayaking between hidden bays while hiking up ancient Lycian ruins in search of hidden bays!

Find accommodation that suits every style here – from luxurious 5-star hotels to backpacker-friendly options – making this destination suitable for families who desire the best of both worlds.

There are hundreds of beaches along The Turquoise Coast, from long sandy stretches to pebble coves. Many popular resort beaches can become overrun with sunseekers; if you prefer quiet spots instead, Icmeler offers long curves of sand that sweep outward from its cove beach while Akyaka provides cove beaches in quiet coves.

2. The Mountains

Turkiye’s coastal paradise offers sun and sea enthusiasts an idyllic coastal experience, but also boasts magnificent mountains. Due to tectonic forces, this landmass has been transformed into mountainous terrain that boasts stunning vistas from beaches and hiking trails alike.

Saklikent Gorge offers hikers breathtaking views of its towering limestone walls from multiple points along its 8 km loop, leading up to Zmiru Canyon’s highest point and back down again.

Fethiye offers plenty of towns and cities along the coast for tourists to discover: Lycian ruins in Fethiye can be explored from here; Kalkan offers Mediterranean houses along its picturesque coastline; Kas and Oludeniz are beach towns popular among vacationers, while Demre and Gocek serve as yachting hubs.

Experience the natural beauty of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast on a Blue Voyage (Mavi Yolculuk) aboard a traditional two-masted wooden gulet – one way is via Fethiye to Olympos on their Blue Cruise route, sailing between tranquil coves in Kekova District as well as visiting ancient cities and ruins along the way.

3. The Food

Last year, visitation to Turkey hit an all-time high, and Kas, in particular, is one of the reasons for its incredible surge. Here you’ll find stunning Mediterranean beaches and an irresistibly relaxing atmosphere – everything needed for an enjoyable Mediterranean vacation experience.

Fethiye offers an ideal beachside retreat while Antalya boasts vibrant nightlife and culture; Kas, Akyaka and Kalkan provide more upscale experiences for those who desire something different.

For an active holiday, the Lycian Way offers some beautiful coastal and inland walking, as well as exploring Xanthos, Arykanda and Pinara’s ruins or trekking through Saklikent Gorge’s sky-scraping cliffs.

4. The Culture

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast is a place of natural wonders. Pine-covered cliffs plunge into the sea, while hidden coves hide stunning beaches. Historic remnants from various Mediterranean civilizations can also be found along this stunning stretch.

The region’s tectonic indentations have produced some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe. Legend has it that Cleopatra herself brought in sand from Egypt for Sedir beach; indeed, its color resembles turquoise!

From bustling yachting hubs such as Bodrum and Fethiye to charming hilltop towns resonating to jazz music, each town on the Turkish Riviera has something special to offer visitors. Additionally, visitors can join gulet schooners on an annual Blue Voyage cruise that explores ancient cities, harbors, tombs and mausolea. Furthermore, foreign visitors enjoy visiting resorts like Antalya, Belek or Kalkan for more relaxed stays with chic boutique hotels offering rooftop jazz bars or riverside seafood restaurants for unforgettable vacation experiences!

5. The People

The Turquoise Coast boasts both tranquil villages and bustling resort towns popular among second-home owners and expats, who make for bustling beach scenes during peak summer seasons when beaches can become overrun with visitors.

There are also plenty of quieter spots to discover in Kas, Akyaka and Kayakoy; plus Saklikent Gorge offers riverside restaurants. Kas’ old town boasts sophisticated boutique hotels and rooftop jazz bars while Akyaka features riverside fish restaurants. Kayakoy’s ancient ruins and Saklikent Gorge’s dramatic cliffs also draw visitors.

Izmir serves as both a center for big-city living and coastal vacation, boasting an international airport as well as multiple smaller beach towns within reach. Although Turkish is spoken here, you will find English speakers everywhere you look – this area is popular with retirees and digital nomads who benefit from the high exchange rate on pensions or income streams; plus its climate allows year-round living with mild winters and hot but not oppressive summers.