What is Turkish Towels? Peshtemal towels, bath, beach, hand, linen, kitchen.

Turkish Towels
Turkish Towels
Turkish Towels are becoming a part of the lives of many people by their countless features in usage besides their authentic style. They are an artisan crafted textile that people can use in their home in many ways. They can be used as hair towel, pet bed, pillow, bath towel, scarf, chair of sofa cover and as in many different usage. So it can be said that versatility of Turkish Towels is one of the impressive features of them. For more info : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peshtemal

or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towel (towel).

Turkish Towels are made with Turkish Cotton which is the best and special cotton in the world by its absorbency  https://www.oliveandlinen.com/, softness and efficient drying. Also Turkish cotton provides a great balance between absorbency and softness as distinct from any other cotton in the world. So they become the unique things because of their unique features.


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Unique things make people feel ‘special’ so they become first a part of homes and then a part of the lives of people such as become.

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